Snowflake Book Series Website Moved

Rachel: The old domain we’d bought for your first Snowflake eBook ( expires tomorrow. Since we decided not to keep that domain, I moved the entire website and made a few small updates/changes to it. The new address is a “sub-domain” of your main website. You can find it on If you publish another Snowflake book, like you were talking about over Christmas break, you can publish/link it there also if you want.

I also remembered I setup a Twitter account for your Snowflake book series, it’s @MeetSnowflake. I posted about the new site address and made some changes in the Twitter profile. If you want logins to both the site and this Twitter account I can make/give you those. 🙂

I think you should write and illustrate a new Snowflake book by yourself, and we should publish it to iTunes together. 🙂

Alexander quoted in the Boston Globe

Today at the Apple Store in Oklahoma City, I’ve been playing with the new MacBook Pro laptops and using Google’s new “show options” features. Alexander asked me to Google his name, and in doing so we discovered Carolyn Y. Johnson’s March 7, 2007 article for The Boston Globe, “Space for everyone: Social networking websites, once purely teen territory, attract all ages.” Alexander doesn’t remember being quoted for this article, but I do! I gave the reporter his mother’s cell phone number so she could interview him about his use of websites like Club Lego and Imbee. Here’s the quotation of Alexander from the article:

Alexander Fryer is interested in more basic forms of play online. The 9-year-old from Edmond, Okla., began using social-networking websites two years ago, before he could even type, frequenting to build his own virtual projects.

“It’s been exciting because you can see how many people have actually seen what I’ve done,” he said.

Today, the third grader uses, where every child has his or her own penguin and igloo, and has tried out His father, Wesley, said both sites offer a safe social-networking experience in contrast to the MySpace page, which has been criticized for allowing young people to post revealing personal details.

It’s important to monitor and manage our digital footprints online. I don’t think I ever read this article when it was originally published in 2007. It’s amazing to see how much Alexander has continued to learn online (as have his sisters) since that article was written two years ago!

American Girl Site


Explore the largest American Girl store and enjoy FREE shipping for a limited time. Plus, see what’s new for spring.

Enjoy games, quizzes, advice, and more activities—like Chrissa’s new games—all just for girls! You may not have a lot of money to gamble with but you’d like to “try your luck”. If all you have to spare is $25 (and you should only ever gamble with money you can afford to lose) then deep down inside you’ll suspect that maybe you won’t last long with that kind of money. The casinos know we all struggle with these kinds of doubts when we are checking them out.

So offering a welcome bonus is a way of reassuring you that the casino is also taking a risk. You could win a jackpot on your first play roulette online spin. Although that is very unlikely it’s a real possibility. What is more likely to happen, simply because of the way slot games work, is you’ll deposit your money and play it down quickly.

Fun today, memories forever—that’s what you can expect at American Girl stores. Make reservations today for spring break!

Discover more about our movies, including An American Girl: Chrissa Stands Strong, only on DVD—watch the trailer!

This is the front page of the American Girl site. It has fun games including quizzes and water balloon battle also my favorite game What’s your volunteer style. This site also has a place where you can see a movie trailer and a behind the scenes video plus a photo gallery. Also one of my favorite things it has a thing on bullying and to try and stop it. Also on the site there is a shop where you can order American girl stuff. It also has a thing on visiting and that says where the American girl stores are.

Webkinz (cheats)

If you are a Webkinz owner you would say,”I don’t want cheats they might take away my Webkinz!” But Wait! There are other ways where they don’t take away your Webkinz. In gem hunt where are the gems? Is there a rare item on right now? How do you make all the Webkinz recipes? How do you get a Webkinz Trophy?

I have all these links and more and now you can too:

On the Public Enemies set
Creative Commons License photo credit: bourgeoisbee


I am a star wars fan.

I love star wars so I found this very interesting and you will probably to. I know about wikipedia but this is different. Wikipedia does not have a lot about star wars so that is why (for all the star wars lovers) they made Wookieepedia.  Wookieepedia is almost the same in every except wookieepedia is all star wars information. I hope you will enjoy this website.

I hope you are star wars fan to.


The new game I have been playing is called travians. It is very entertaining and fun there are many levels to it. I have been playing it for a while. This is what it says when you get on the website:

Travians is a browser game in which you rise to the challenge of everyday life as a villager. This means more than just specializing in your occupation, building your own home or deciding whether you enjoy games more than fighting: The most important thing is communication within the huge village community. This is the only way to get fun clubs and strong guilds. Become a Travian and experience a whole new online world!

If you want to find out more go to my dad’s blog post: A new browser simulation game: Travians (not Travian).

Washington and Wilyumsbirg websites

These are some of my favorite websites. You can learn about Wilyumsbirg in them. my grandaddy sent me the sites.

Smithsonian Education Main:

Smithsonian for Kids

Smithsonian for Educators

Smithsonian for Families

Smithsonian for Students

Jamestown Adventure

Jamestown: First English Colony in America

Colonial Williamsburg Information

Colonial Williamsburg for Kids