I love signs. We see signs all around us every day. Signs inform us, persuade us, amuse us, and may even upset us. I’m intrigued by the idea of seeking “signs of learning.” What do you know and know how to do? How do we know you know those things? Do signs exist which suggest your level of understanding or mastery? How do those signs change over time, as your knowledge and skills change? Look for the signs!

This website is our family’s learning blog. I (Dad) created this primarily for our kids to post their ideas and receive feedback from their family, friends, and others. I have specifically told our kids NOT to worry about spelling and exact grammar when writing. The main thing I want them to do is SHARE THEIR IDEAS. I have asked the kids to try and write in complete sentences, and showed them how to use the built-in spellcheck on the computer. My thinking is that the more they read and write, the better they’ll do both. If they are motivated to write and publish their thoughts for an authentic audience, there will be a natural motivation to write better. This is an experiment in family blogging! We’ve invited other members of our family to get involved and contribute with both comments and posts. YOUR constructive and edifying comments here (even if you are not “family” in strict terms) are welcome!

Life is about creating yourself

Please direct questions about this site to Wesley Fryer.


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