I am a star wars fan.

I love star wars so I found this very interesting and you will probably to. I know about wikipedia but this is different. Wikipedia does not have a lot about star wars so that is why (for all the star wars lovers) they made Wookieepedia.  Wookieepedia is almost the same in every except wookieepedia is all star wars information. I hope you will enjoy this website.

I hope you are star wars fan to.


  • dad

    Thanks for this post on Wookiepedia! I am going to challenge you, however, on your statement, “Wikipedia does not have a lot about star wars…” Have you actually read or scanned the WikiPedia article for Star Wars? There is a lot of info and a lot of links there. I need to check out Wookiepedia more. What is an example of a fact you’ve learned on Wookiepedia that you didn’t know before?

  • Taaz

    There is a lot of interesting stuff on Wookiepedia that I didn’t know about. Thanks for sharing!

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