Webkinz (cheats)

If you are a Webkinz owner you would say,”I don’t want cheats they might take away my Webkinz!” But Wait! There are other ways where they don’t take away your Webkinz. In gem hunt where are the gems? Is there a rare item on right now? How do you make all the Webkinz recipes? How do you get a Webkinz Trophy?

I have all these links and more and now you can too:

On the Public Enemies set
Creative Commons License photo credit: bourgeoisbee


  • I have the pig 2!

  • I have 20 webkinz i love them they are so fun to buy stuff for your plus if you want cheat codes call me 589-6502

  • I have 46 webkinz right now. But later tonight i am getting the zebra so that will make 47. and my birthday is in like 4 days so i will be getting a lot more webkinz. and i have the delux membership! it’s so cool because you get a lot of things from it. if you are getting the delux membership and want to keep the surprises a secret then dont read on from here. So for the delux membership I got a cool gold hat, a gold zone on the phone, you can change the color of your my things inventory at the bottom, you get a special clothing item that you can’t get anywhere else(i got a cute pink dress), you also get a wish token, another random gift, a delux membership badge for your my page, a delux members activities page, 8000 coins in your estore account, and a really big gift( i got a roller coaster that you can put either in your backyard on in the tree top rooms). This delux membership is so awesome! if you love webkinz i suggest getting this. The delux membership for a year is what i got and its $45.00. you can also get it for 6 months for like $30.00 or something like that and then less then that for another amount of money

  • PokemonGirl

    haha! i hav 87 webkinz! woo!

  • Allyson

    I have more than 210 webkinz. It is really cool because I’m rich.

  • Hattie

    Yeah Well I it doesn’t matter how many webkinz pets you have ALLYSON and POKEMONGIRL! besides my friends and I started an organization where we donated webkinz pets to sick children in the local hospital in my town, so far we have donated over 3,000. I would also like to thank the creators of this blog

  • Allyson, It isn’t nice to go around saying your rich. So don’t be rude. Plus you wouldn’t be rich if your parents didn’t go to college and get a good job. Instead of bragging, maybe you should be working hard so you can be rich like your parents when you grow up.

  • that is so awesome i would love to be the creater of that organization you are awesome hattie

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