The new game I have been playing is called travians. It is very entertaining and fun there are many levels to it. I have been playing it for a while. This is what it says when you get on the website:

Travians is a browser game in which you rise to the challenge of everyday life as a villager. This means more than just specializing in your occupation, building your own home or deciding whether you enjoy games more than fighting: The most important thing is communication within the huge village community. This is the only way to get fun clubs and strong guilds. Become a Travian and experience a whole new online world!

If you want to find out more go to my dad’s blog post: A new browser simulation game: Travians (not Travian).


  • Sister

    That sounds interesting!

  • dad

    I need to show you how to use the “blockquote” tag when you use long quotations like this in your posts. Please remind me to show this to you soon. Nice job with your two links. My blog showed a trackback link to your post here, which is how I linked to this. I hope we can record a podcast interview or even a screencast interview about Travians over the upcoming holidays together.

  • Looks like you need to try the speed servers. They’re incredible!

  • dad

    Well, we have actually stepped back from playing Travian and Travians at this point. They are very addicting and time consuming! I learned a lot playing, but I also think I wasted quite a bit of time! I’m not sure if Alexander is going to go back to playing or not. He “fasted” on technology over Lent, and while he’s using the computer again I don’t think he’s playing Travians anymore.

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