These are referenced resources for Alexander Fryer’s October 2012 presentation for the K-12 Online Conference: “Creating and Playing in Minecraft.”


  1. Minecraft Software
  2. Minecraft Wiki  (Mobs article example)
  3. Minecraft Challenge: Hidden Tree-Door (YouTube video by CodeCrafted)
  4. Beef Plays Minecraft – Mindcrack Server – S2 EP128 – Storage Room  (YouTube video by VintageBeef)
  5. Etho MindCrack SMP – Episode 52: The Judgement (YouTube video by EthosLab)
  6. Minecraft – Nail: 2 For 1 (YouTube video by EthosLab)
  7. Alexander Fryer on YouTube: legoarf
  8. Alexander Fryer on Flickr: legoarf


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