Arrow of Light Ceremony

Tonight Alexander bridged up from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts, and received the highest award in Cub Scouting: The Arrow of Light.

I used the free iTalk application on my iPhone to record most of the ceremony, and later used Audacity to amplify the recording so it is much louder. This is the recorded, edited ceremony, which is just over 29 minutes long.

More information about the process of using the iTalk application and the free iTalk iSync program is available.

I also used my iPhone to snap photos during the ceremony.

We are so proud of you and your accomplishments, Alexander!

Alexander’s Indian name, which Shelly and I gave him together, is “Purple Shirt.” He is always wearing purple KSU shirts and sweatshirts, so this is a very appropriate name for him. Alexander also received his God and Family award tonight, which he has worked hard to complete.

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Webkinz (cheats)

If you are a Webkinz owner you would say,”I don’t want cheats they might take away my Webkinz!” But Wait! There are other ways where they don’t take away your Webkinz. In gem hunt where are the gems? Is there a rare item on right now? How do you make all the Webkinz recipes? How do you get a Webkinz Trophy?

I have all these links and more and now you can too:

On the Public Enemies set
Creative Commons License photo credit: bourgeoisbee


Lately, I have been listening to Brisinger on my iPod. When my mom or dad ask what I am listening to they always laugh when I tell them I am listening to a book. I think I can go thought it faster listening to it than reading it. I think listening to a book rather than to listen to music. I wonder what book I am going to listen to next?

A nightly spelling bee for Dad

I’m glad Alexander is in the midst of a writing assignment for school, but I honestly feel like I’m having to compete in a nightly spelling bee with all the words I’m being asked to spell now in the evenings.

spelling test
Creative Commons License photo credit: elginwx

It has been abundantly clear to me for several years that Alexander has similar spelling abilities to his mother: Spelling is very challenging for him. I think this stems from him not being as visually oriented in his natural learning style. I am a pretty decent speller, and I think that has a lot to do with my ability to visualize words. Even when he is asking me to spell words for his writing assignment, I have to visualize them in my mind to spell them aloud. I MUCH prefer to write down a word than to spell it out loud. Really, spelling bees are such a DUMB idea, I wish they were not so common in schools. The ability to verbally spell a word upon command is not an important “life skill.” Of course it is important to write well with correct spelling, but being able to do that is very different from being able to succeed at oral spelling exercises.

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I am a star wars fan.

I love star wars so I found this very interesting and you will probably to. I know about wikipedia but this is different. Wikipedia does not have a lot about star wars so that is why (for all the star wars lovers) they made Wookieepedia.  Wookieepedia is almost the same in every except wookieepedia is all star wars information. I hope you will enjoy this website.

I hope you are star wars fan to.


The new game I have been playing is called travians. It is very entertaining and fun there are many levels to it. I have been playing it for a while. This is what it says when you get on the website:

Travians is a browser game in which you rise to the challenge of everyday life as a villager. This means more than just specializing in your occupation, building your own home or deciding whether you enjoy games more than fighting: The most important thing is communication within the huge village community. This is the only way to get fun clubs and strong guilds. Become a Travian and experience a whole new online world!

If you want to find out more go to my dad’s blog post: A new browser simulation game: Travians (not Travian).


I have read all the Harry Potter, The Lord of The Rings, Narnia and now I am reading Eldest and Eragon for the second time! I do not know what it is about books! Thay just keep you hooked maby it just that you can get out and see anuther world or see somthing through the eyes of some one else. What books keep you hooked? I am suprised how fast I can read! I am going to reread some of the Harry Potter books.

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