Get Ready for Tech Summer Camp at FreshBrain

Alexander and Sarah: Get ready (if you want) for a technology summer camp at Fresh Brain. It’s free to signup and participate, here are the options for things you can do:

  • Create a 3D Video Game
  • Build Applications for the G1 Mobile Phone
  • Building Flashy Websites
  • Java Development
  • Create a Facebook Application
  • Make Amazing Videos
  • Learn Graphic Design
  • Animation
  • Music Production
  • Photo Editing Techniques

Let me know if you want to sign up, and which “learning path” option sounds most exciting to you! We can talk about the differences in these, you can do more than one if you want too!

Free Technology Summer Camp Opportunities at Fresh Brain

My friend Chris Walsh is one of the organizers for Fresh Brain. He’s an amazingly fun and creative guy, so we can be guaranteed it’s going to be high quality and super-cool. I got to know Chris through our work on the Google Education Blog, “The Infinite Thinking Machine.” He was the producer for most of the ITM videos like this one, produced after the MacWorld 2007 conference:

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Watch out for people who want you to email them like this

Brother and Sister:

I am updating our blogs with some new software today, and ran across the following comment on brother’s String and Me blog:

Inappropriate solicitation for email contact

Let’s talk about this together.

Why do you think this “comment” is suspicious?

Why do you think I deleted this comment, rather than approving it so it would show up as a public comment on brother’s blog?

Why do you think someone would write a comment like this, asking for you to email them?

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American Girl Site


Explore the largest American Girl store and enjoy FREE shipping for a limited time. Plus, see what’s new for spring.

Enjoy games, quizzes, advice, and more activities—like Chrissa’s new games—all just for girls! You may not have a lot of money to gamble with but you’d like to “try your luck”. If all you have to spare is $25 (and you should only ever gamble with money you can afford to lose) then deep down inside you’ll suspect that maybe you won’t last long with that kind of money. The casinos know we all struggle with these kinds of doubts when we are checking them out.

So offering a welcome bonus is a way of reassuring you that the casino is also taking a risk. You could win a jackpot on your first play roulette online spin. Although that is very unlikely it’s a real possibility. What is more likely to happen, simply because of the way slot games work, is you’ll deposit your money and play it down quickly.

Fun today, memories forever—that’s what you can expect at American Girl stores. Make reservations today for spring break!

Discover more about our movies, including An American Girl: Chrissa Stands Strong, only on DVD—watch the trailer!

This is the front page of the American Girl site. It has fun games including quizzes and water balloon battle also my favorite game What’s your volunteer style. This site also has a place where you can see a movie trailer and a behind the scenes video plus a photo gallery. Also one of my favorite things it has a thing on bullying and to try and stop it. Also on the site there is a shop where you can order American girl stuff. It also has a thing on visiting and that says where the American girl stores are.

Webkinz (cheats)

If you are a Webkinz owner you would say,”I don’t want cheats they might take away my Webkinz!” But Wait! There are other ways where they don’t take away your Webkinz. In gem hunt where are the gems? Is there a rare item on right now? How do you make all the Webkinz recipes? How do you get a Webkinz Trophy?

I have all these links and more and now you can too:

On the Public Enemies set
Creative Commons License photo credit: bourgeoisbee


Lately, I have been listening to Brisinger on my iPod. When my mom or dad ask what I am listening to they always laugh when I tell them I am listening to a book. I think I can go thought it faster listening to it than reading it. I think listening to a book rather than to listen to music. I wonder what book I am going to listen to next?


I am a star wars fan.

I love star wars so I found this very interesting and you will probably to. I know about wikipedia but this is different. Wikipedia does not have a lot about star wars so that is why (for all the star wars lovers) they made Wookieepedia.  Wookieepedia is almost the same in every except wookieepedia is all star wars information. I hope you will enjoy this website.

I hope you are star wars fan to.

Writing with pictures

I had a great meeting this morning and lunch with Lance Ford, who (if you don’t already know) has the most amazing car in Oklahoma. Lance had me thinking about a lot of possibilities for interactive virtual field trips at the Gaylord-Pickens Museum of the Oklahoma Heritage Association, where I work now. Using media to teach and learn can be extremely engaging. For our both virtual as well as face-to-face museum experiences, however, I want to strive to facilitate truly “engaging” rather than merely “enthralling” learning experiences. To that end, orienting people to think about capturing, creating and sharing their own stories and stories of people they know is very important for us.

As a visual person, I find it very powerful to experience a presentation which uses images well. In blogging, it is very important to utilize and integrate photos in posts. Because of this, I was delighted to learn about the free Photo Dropper plug-in for WordPress today. I learned about this from Michael Chalk’s post “Struggle with wordpress“, and got the link to Michael’s blog originally from a comment he left on my primary blog. Shazam! With just a few clicks, now a well-formatted and properly attributed legal photo can be inserted into our blog posts here on Learning Signs!!

Creative Commons License photo credit: TooFarNorth

This plug-in provides a compelling reason to compose in the WordPress dashboard. To insert an image like the one I have inserted above, you simply click the editing icon in the upper right corner of the post composition window, enter your search keyword(s), and select the image you want to import: S, M or L. The image is sized correctly and includes CC credits. WOW.

I compose almost all my blog posts now with the software program MarsEdit. I wish MarsEdit would integrate this PhotoDropper functionality, to connect easily to Flickr Creative Commons images and insert them with a couple clicks. I’m going to teach my kids how to use PhotoDropper to insert images into their blog posts. Now it should be much easier and straightforward for them to write with pictures!

Podcast03: Reflections on Los Alamos and the Development of the Atomic Bomb

This podcast was recorded on Thursday, June 5th, 2008, in Los Alamos, New Mexico at the Bradbury Science Museum. In this podcast, Wesley Fryer reflects on the role Los Alamos played in the ending of World War II in the Pacific theater of combat and inauguration/start of the atomic/nuclear age.

Show Notes:

  1. Bradbury Science Museum – Los Alamos
  2. Los Alamos National Laboratory
  3. The Manhattan Project (WikiPedia)
  4. Podcast214: Surrender of the Japanese to the United States Aboard the USS Missouri (a retelling in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii)
  5. Photos of and aboard the USS Missouri in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (December 2007)
  6. The Sadako Story
  7. “Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes” (Eleanor Coerr)
  8. Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum (Japan)
  9. Valles Caldera National Preserve
  10. Jemez Springs, New Mexico
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