Rachel, Sarah and Alexander Reflect on Creativity in our Oklahoma Schools

The 2010 Creativity World Forum is coming to Oklahoma City in two weeks. In advance of the event, Creative Oklahoma is sponsoring a Creativity Contest for Students, who are challenged to:

… show us your creative ideas for improving communities, schools and businesses so that Oklahoma remains a creative frontier. We invite all forms of creativity including, but not limited to, essay, video, photography, drawing, or mixed media.

Here are our entries!

Rachel, 1st Grade (Age 7) – The Importance of Art Class at School and Creativity

Sarah, 5th grade (Age 10) – Laptops, Creativity, and Trusting Students

Alexander, 7th grade (Age 12) – Legos, Creativity, and Schools

This was Rachel’s first take, which we are NOT submitting to the contest.

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Announcing a new web show: The Zebra Print!

This summer Sarah and Rachel wanted to start their own iCarly-style webshow, and decided to name it, “The Zebra Print.” I helped them register the domain name (www.thezebraprint.com) and get the site launched. We created a YouTube channel for the show as well as a Twitter account. Sarah selected the WordPress blog theme and made sidebar customizations, I helped her add a ClustrMap and add Feedburner chicklets. We published the first episode in June, but busy schedules have prevented us from publishing the rest. We still need to publish episode #3, which was recorded in Washington DC at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. For now, however, there’s three episodes for you to watch. It’s going to be exciting to see the girls develop their on-camera communication skills. (Some of us certainly have an apparent flair for the dramatic.) Enjoy!

the Zebra print

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Fun with art at Kaleidoscope in Kansas City

This afternoon my girls and I were able to have LOTS of fun with my sister and nephew, making art at Kaleidoscope in Kansas City. In these two videos, Rachel explains how she is making a puzzle, and you can see the puzzle cutting process.

This was some magnet art I created on the whiteboard.


What a fun place to create and have fun!





Lots more pics are available in our “Fun in Kansas City” Flickr set!

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Photos of Sarah in Twice Upon a Time

Sunday was the 9th performance for Sarah in the Oklahoma Children’s Theater performance, “Twice Upon a Time.” The theater group had a professional photographer take pictures during the shows, and we collected fifteen of the images which include Sarah in this Flickr set. Way to go Sarah! Here are some of my favorites of our howling wolf!

Sarah in Twice Upon a Time

Sarah in Twice Upon a Time

Sarah in Twice Upon a Time

Sarah in Twice Upon a Time

What a talented young actress we have in our family! Check out the full set!

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Sarah’s Bread and Humidity Experiment

Today was the science fair at our local elementary school, and Sarah shared what she learned about humidity and the science of baking bread. I brought my iPhone and interviewed her (using iPadio) at her exhibit in the cafeteria, and took several photos as well.

Chisholm 4th Grade Science Fair - 2010

Chisholm 4th Grade Science Fair - 2010

Adding the yeast

Kneading bread can be messy!

Bread loaves after rising (humid on the right)

Humidity makes bread dough rise less

Bread rising under dry conditions gets bigger!

It took about three minutes to upload this almost-four minute audio podcast to iPadio with my iPhone over 3G from the school cafeteria.

Uploading iPadio

It’s great to have opportunities to talk about what the students have learned as a result of DOING science. I really enjoyed the opportunity to not only visit with Sarah but also several of her classmates about their projects and learning.

Chisholm 4th Grade Science Fair - 2010

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Remembering “Go Green, Go Electric” from Earth Day 2009

Last year on Earth Day for the Film on the Fly digital storytelling contest, my kids and I created the three minute and fifty second video, “Go Green, Go Electric!” My son (who was 11 at the time) did some the editing for this video using iMovie, and I did the rest. In following the rules for “Film on the Fly,” we shot all the video for this movie using a cell phone. Since we wanted different people in different scenes (and my son couldn’t legally drive the car) we alternated being the videographer and being actors in the movie.

We actually won first place in the contest. This Flashlight comparison and was a lot of fun to create together, and certainly got us thinking more about the viability of electric car technology. When you want to cut your electricity bills, you should study Energyadviceline dobusiness electricty prices comparison so that you are aware of the electricity service charges of different companies on your area.

If you’re considering purchasing a Ram truck then be sure to schedule a test drive with a local Ram dealer near you today. Thanks to Miles Electric Vehicles of Tulsa, Oklahoma for helping us with this video!

Do you have a favorite student-created video focused on Earth Day and “going green?” If so, please share the link!

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