Sarah’s Bread and Humidity Experiment

Today was the science fair at our local elementary school, and Sarah shared what she learned about humidity and the science of baking bread. I brought my iPhone and interviewed her (using iPadio) at her exhibit in the cafeteria, and took several photos as well.

Chisholm 4th Grade Science Fair - 2010

Chisholm 4th Grade Science Fair - 2010

Adding the yeast

Kneading bread can be messy!

Bread loaves after rising (humid on the right)

Humidity makes bread dough rise less

Bread rising under dry conditions gets bigger!

It took about three minutes to upload this almost-four minute audio podcast to iPadio with my iPhone over 3G from the school cafeteria.

Uploading iPadio

It’s great to have opportunities to talk about what the students have learned as a result of DOING science. I really enjoyed the opportunity to not only visit with Sarah but also several of her classmates about their projects and learning.

Chisholm 4th Grade Science Fair - 2010

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