Christmas Time

I am so glad about Christmas Time! I am also excided about spreading Christmas cheer! It is such a wonderful time of year. I love to put on the ornaments on the tree. I also Think Christmas is about spending time togather with friends and family. I am so honored to be in the family that I am in!

Sister’s 2008 3rd Grade School Christmas Program

Sister participated in her 3rd grade Christmas program today at school. I apologize the video is a bit jittery, I was using our old camcorder. Periodically, after the tape I was recording to ran out, the camera shut off automatically and I had to turn it back on, so that is why the image freezes and the audio is interrupted a couple of times.

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Sisters perform (dance) at football halftime

This week we attended our first Edmond Memorial High School football game on Thursday night. Both sister and little sister went to a Saturday cheerleading camp last weekend, and this week’s home football game halftime show was their opportunity to show what they’d learned. Are these girls cute dancers or WHAT?

Thanks to my flash-based video camcorder and Flickr’s relatively recent capability to support 90 second video flash transcoding and publishing, I was able to immediately publish these videos Thursday night before I went to bed, and the next day grandparents watched them! (I got feedback on the phone Friday.)

It’s the day of “publish at will” video, and here’s a great, constructive example of how these capabilities can be wonderful! 🙂

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President Clinton

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The legend of Mulan

Sister finished a written book report about “China’s Bravest Girl” tonight, which is a book describing the legend of Mulan on which the Disney movie was based. Since mom and I went to China last month, our kids have been very interested to learn more about China and Chinese culture. This was an excellent book, and sister recorded her book report as an enhanced podcast this evening using Garageband. I also tried posting a QuickTime movie version of this to TeacherTube, but the synchronization timing got off in the uploaded version, so I deleted it. I’ve added this as the 12th example in the “Great Book Stories” project.

Nice work sister! If you have feedback for sister on her project you can either leave it here, or on the .Mac podcast page for her report.

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