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This is the front page of the American Girl site. It has fun games including quizzes and water balloon battle also my favorite game What’s your volunteer style. This site also has a place where you can see a movie trailer and a behind the scenes video plus a photo gallery. Also one of my favorite things it has a thing on bullying and to try and stop it. Also on the site there is a shop where you can order American girl stuff. It also has a thing on visiting and that says where the American girl stores are.

The Test!

In third grade you have to take the OCCT test. Which stands for Oklahoma Core Curriculum Test. They are putting a lot of pressure on the third grade. They are saying stuff like the test will not be easy. We all say “duh duh duh”. If you have any suggestions on things I can do please leave a comment. There are diffrences on just passing and getting advanced. For you to get addvanced you can only miss 5 on the reading and 7 on the math. By the way there are 50 math and 50 reading questions.


I was thinking this week of different tongue-twisters and I would like to share some with you.


1.Five friendly friends fight for fun, Five friendly friends fight for fun, Five friendly friends fight for fun

2.Sarah sings silly songs softly, Sarah sings silly songs softly, Sarah sings silly songs softly

Christmas Time

I am so glad about Christmas Time! I am also excided about spreading Christmas cheer! It is such a wonderful time of year. I love to put on the ornaments on the tree. I also Think Christmas is about spending time togather with friends and family. I am so honored to be in the family that I am in!

Washington and Wilyumsbirg websites

These are some of my favorite websites. You can learn about Wilyumsbirg in them. my grandaddy sent me the sites.

Smithsonian Education Main:

Smithsonian for Kids

Smithsonian for Educators

Smithsonian for Families

Smithsonian for Students

Jamestown Adventure

Jamestown: First English Colony in America

Colonial Williamsburg Information

Colonial Williamsburg for Kids

Fun travels

I have gone almost every were in the United States. I am so excited about going to D. C. next month.I am also going to Williamsburg. I am not going with my family. I am going with my Grandmother and Grandaddy. My American Girl doll Elizabeth is from Williamsburg. Elizabeth is my middle name. If you would like to find more info. about Elizabeth you can come to this link.   

President Clinton

Bill Clinton was born on August 19, 1946.  He was born in Hope Arkansas. He was the 42nd president of the United States. He was in office from 1996 to 2001.President Clinton was  known for loving McDonalds and junck food and playing the saxophone.Chelsea Clinton is President Clinton’s daughter. Hillary Rodham Clinton is his wife. She is runing for President.President Clinton signed many laws as President.  One of them was the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993. This law says that  moms with paying jobs can spend more time whith there babys after they are born.In 1999 President Clinton told the Army and the air force to go attack the Serbians who were killing the Albanians in Yugoslavia. The Albanians are people and he didn’t want them to get hurt.

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