Fun travels

I have gone almost every were in the United States. I am so excited about going to D. C. next month.I am also going to Williamsburg. I am not going with my family. I am going with my Grandmother and Grandaddy. My American Girl doll Elizabeth is from Williamsburg. Elizabeth is my middle name. If you would like to find more info. about Elizabeth you can come to this link.   


  • dad

    I am so excited you are getting to visit both Washington D.C. and Williamsburg! 🙂 Have you looked at all the pictures Alexander and I took a few weeks ago when we were in D.C.? I have put all of them together in a Flickr collection. Also, you should leave Alexander a comment or two on VoiceThread he made about his D.C. experiences. For some reason that VoiceThread has been closed to comments, but I think I fixed it last week. Let me know if you have problems.

    Good job including a link to Felicity’s information page. I wonder why they don’t have more information about Elizabeth on their website. It will be very good if you learn how to spell Elizabeth, since it IS your middle name! I think it is cool you have an American Doll that has part of your name as her first name! It is going to be so exciting some day when you and mom get to visit an American Doll store together. I think we need to be saving up for that now. 😉

    Good job writing, I hope you write LOTS more soon! 🙂

    Love, Dad

  • Taaz

    Sounds like it will be a great trip for you to take. Max and I had a wonderful time in the D.C. area and I hope that you enjoy it as much as we did! Love you and miss you lots!

  • Grandaddy


    Your grandmother and I are so excited about our trip to Washington DC and Williamsburg. We look forward to seeing all of these places together.

    Use the computer to find out information and make a list of all the places you would like to visit.

    Love Grandaddy

  • Grandaddy


    Grandmother and I are so excited about visiting Washington DC and Williamsburg with you.

    Search for information on the web and make a list of all the places you wish to visit.

    Love Grandaddy

  • Grandmother

    We are excited about the trip to Washington, too. We are excited you are going with us because it will make our trip a lot more fun having you with us. I think it is neat that your American Girl doll is from Williamsburg.

    I love you!

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