The Test!

In third grade you have to take the OCCT test. Which stands for Oklahoma Core Curriculum Test. They are putting a lot of pressure on the third grade. They are saying stuff like the test will not be easy. We all say “duh duh duh”. If you have any suggestions on things I can do please leave a comment. There are diffrences on just passing and getting advanced. For you to get addvanced you can only miss 5 on the reading and 7 on the math. By the way there are 50 math and 50 reading questions.


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  • Mrs. Reid


    I know testing can be a little scary, especially when it is all teachers are talking about. I am not sure anything I say will calm your anxiety about the test. As hard or as impossible as it may seem, you are just going to have to find the thing that helps your release your stress. When I was your age, I had the same problem of always wanting to doing everything as perfectly as possible, and many time I too would get sick. I was about half way through high school, when I just decided that I couldn’t keep stressing myself out sooo much before every test, sporting event, or presentation. So I found some calming music to play, and I would say a little prayer, not to do good, but to release my anxiety. I knew I was smart, I knew all the material, I just knew when I took a test, all that anxiety made me second guess everything. So I would let my mind go someplace else for awhile before the test, take some deep breaths, and just try and believe in myself.

    Like I said, I’m not sure if anything anyone says will help or not.. Just know you are not alone. I know you have a lot of love and support at home like I did, and I hope that supports helps you find you way like I found mine! Good Luck!

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