A few favorite photos from Washington DC today

Here are a few of my favorite photos I snapped today in Washington D.C. with Alexander. I added all of these to my NECC 2009 Flickr Set.

Alexander on the Mall

At the Smithsonian Natural History Museum

Alexander and Dad by the Apollo Capsule

This is the first time I’ve seen a Tomahawk cruise missile up close.

The Tomahawk Cruise Missile

We were able to not only see but also TOUCH several enormous meteorites today at the Smithsonian Natural History museum, including this one from Arizona:

A meteorite from Arizona

The exhibit on the Mishin diaries and the light they shed on the Soviet moon landing plans was very interesting to me

The Mishin Diaries shed light on Soviet moon landing plans

This was the “designed but never used” Soviet cosmonaut moon suit:

The designed but never used Soviet cosmonaut moon suit

The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) exhibit was definitely the highlight of the day for me.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

I incorrectly called these “unarmed aerial vehicles” near the end of the video sequence I recorded at the exhibit today. These are definitely NOT “unarmed.”

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Rachel is marketing karate!

Rachel is taking a gymnastics and karate class this summer, and was just featured in the gym’s email marketing advertisement for a new karate class, she hired this search engine optimisation agency to help her out with the marketing. Marketing can be tricky, but with the right internet marketing company, your job will get so much easier.

Rachel marketing for Karate

Students in an earlier class are featured on YouTube, breaking boards. Rachel hasn’t done this yet!

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LEGOuniverse in a new game that LEGO is coming out with. This game will have ninjas, pirates, dragons, robots and much much more. All the people are going to be lego figures but they be able to bend there legs and arms and even dance, go here and put in the word ‘dance’ in the box where it says VIP Access Point download and enjoy! Go here to see what they say a bout the game. You can also get e-mail up-dates if you really like it. Have fun learning about it!

Travian sitting report

My week of “sitting” for Alexander’s Travian account is officially over. These were the results:

Travian Post-Summer Camp Report

This was what Alexander asked me to do:

Travian Strategy

Overall his village sustained 9 attacks, and I think on 3 of those occasions the attacker got resources. That was one of the reasons I build up a 2nd cranny to level 9. (The cranny protects your resources when attackers come.)

Hopefully he’ll be pleased with the results. His field production levels are a lot higher than they were a week ago.

Travian Status

Alexander, why don’t you write a “report card” on how things went when I sat for you in Travian, and post it here as a blog entry? I did add your Travian share link to the top of my blog at the start of the week, so be sure to check your “earn gold” link under Travian Plus. 🙂

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Today on Tuesday June 2nd I started Gymnastics. I did floor, beam,trampoline,trapize,and zipper(thats what they call the zip line.) I will do bars,rock climbing wall next week. My favorite part was the beam.