Travian sitting report

My week of “sitting” for Alexander’s Travian account is officially over. These were the results:

Travian Post-Summer Camp Report

This was what Alexander asked me to do:

Travian Strategy

Overall his village sustained 9 attacks, and I think on 3 of those occasions the attacker got resources. That was one of the reasons I build up a 2nd cranny to level 9. (The cranny protects your resources when attackers come.)

Hopefully he’ll be pleased with the results. His field production levels are a lot higher than they were a week ago.

Travian Status

Alexander, why don’t you write a “report card” on how things went when I sat for you in Travian, and post it here as a blog entry? I did add your Travian share link to the top of my blog at the start of the week, so be sure to check your “earn gold” link under Travian Plus. 🙂

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