Minecraft Music Video Parodies

This week as I was looking through my minecraft youtube videos, as I often do, I found these really awesome videos made by a youtuber named¬†. He has spent a lot of time on these as well as bringing in to do the Parodies and some of the animating. They are some of the best videos I have seen not only for the¬†amazing¬†animating but it’s also the¬†extremely¬†creative lyrics that are packed with minecraft¬†references, some¬†that everyone should get but even a few more hidden ones that only real mincrafters would¬†recognize¬†that make them so great. My¬†favorite¬†one is¬†actually¬†called “Revenge” that is a parody of the song¬†DJ¬†Got Us Fallin’ in Love by¬†Usher which is¬†actually¬†a song I hadn’t heard before but that makes it even better for me in some ways, but I really love it for its awesome lyrics. The next best for me is called “Fallen Kingdom” which is a¬†parody off of¬†Coldplay’s Viva la Vida. Even though this video has good lyrics too, the visual effects are really what makes this one great. Another cool thing that this youtuber did was make a behind the¬†scenes¬†video for how he and his team made both of them. I found all of these really neat and hope you do too!