Minecraft Music Video Parodies

This week as I was looking through my minecraft youtube videos, as I often do, I found these really awesome videos made by a youtuber named . He has spent a lot of time on these as well as bringing in to do the Parodies and some of the animating. They are some of the best videos I have seen not only for the amazing animating but it’s also the extremely creative lyrics that are packed with minecraft references, some that everyone should get but even a few more hidden ones that only real mincrafters would recognize that make them so great. My favorite one is actually called “Revenge” that is a parody of the song DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love by Usher which is actually a song I hadn’t heard before but that makes it even better for me in some ways, but I really love it for its awesome lyrics. The next best for me is called “Fallen Kingdom” which is a parody off of Coldplay’s Viva la Vida. Even though this video has good lyrics too, the visual effects are really what makes this one great. Another cool thing that this youtuber did was make a behind the scenes video for how he and his team made both of them. I found all of these really neat and hope you do too!


  • Thanks for the great post! I really enjoyed watching the videos. It is amazing how creative people are.

    Mr. C

  • You did a great job with your review. I agree completely – those are the best out there for Minecraft Music Videos by far.

    I’ve created one that I think is pretty good, and would love to know what you think of it. It’s called Everybody’s Free to Kill Creepers, and is based on the Baz Lurmann song, Everybody’s Free to Wear Sunscreen.


    – Steve Johnson (SRJ26)

  • I checked it out and it was good and seemed like a lot of work really did go into it. It was really a different style of video though which was interesting too.

    I’m not sure how long people who dont play minecraft would last, or even some that do, and im not sure how much of a singer you would want to be but I think that at least a better beat would help it out.

    Thanks for checking out my post and I wish you luck on your video making future!


  • Cathy Dunn

    Great videos! Thanks for sharing them! I agree with you, he really spent a lot of time and effort in making these awesome videos. These minecrafts are cute!

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