Casebeers and Fryers

What a great looking group of kids and wives this is! This photo was taken in July 2010 in Virginia.


Here’s our crew again, with dads this time, from August 2007 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Have these kids grown or what?!

The Casebeer and Fryer Crew! (2)

Now let’s turn the clock back five years from today, to March 2005 in Monterey, California.

Casebeers and Fryers: March 2005

Casebeers and Fryers: March 2005

Casebeers and Fryers: March 2005

Now let’s go back NINE years, to January 2001 in Colorado Springs!

Casebeers and Fryers: September 2001

I don’t think I can go back further with digital photos unless I scan prints – I know I have a photo before kids… So when I find it in the garage I’ll add it here.

Just two more, and these are of the oldest daughters. First, March 2005:

Sarah and Mara: March 2005

Now, July 2010:


There are few blessings as wondrous as children and good friends. 🙂

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Wild fiddle playing

Earlier this month my daughters and I spent a week in Manhattan, Kansas, and were able to watch part of the Mountain Sprout concert in the park on August 6th. This was some of the wildest fiddle playing I’d ever seen! These are certainly not “family values” themes, but the fiddle playing was extraordinary.

If you ever get a chance to hear these guys play in person, by all means don’t miss it. 🙂

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More camping photos from the Pecos

I’ve added 46 more photos and 1 more video from our trip last week camping in the Pecos. These were taken using Shelly’s camera, which is Carl’s “old” Sony DSC-H2. What a difference this good lens makes! I added these to the same Flickr set as our other photos and videos from the trip.


Too bad Alexander’s eyes were closed for this one. The kids has so much fun swimming in the stream Saturday!


A few quick photos as we packed up Sunday. Note the whiskers! 🙂



In all I think we caught about 10 fish on the trip. We ate 6. These were some of the best trout I’d ever tasted!


Does this girl look ready for fishing or WHAT?! They even checked out ReelChase to get their fishing essencials.


What lovely flowers!


Sarah took this photo of Shelly and Rachel. Way to go, Sarah!


The video quality on the Sony camera is not as good as the iPhone, but still better than not having video– in this clip, Rachel explains that we are camping and fishing!

Check out the entire set: 120 photos, 7 videos!

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Fun camping in the Pecos

Here’s a few favorite photos from the images we took this week in the Pecos wilderness area in New Mexico, and I uploaded to Flickr. I have more short videos to upload, along with all the photos from mom’s camera which I don’t have with me this evening. We had a GREAT time!



Panorama at Jack's Creek Campground, Pecos Wilderness, New Mexico

This was the best fish I’d ever eaten in my entire life. You can’t beat freshly caught and cooked trout.



We camped at Terrero Campground, since Holy Ghost campground was closed for bathroom upgrades. This was our tent and campsite early in the week. It REALLY filled up (unfortunately but predictably) for the weekend.


There were hundreds of hummingbirds outside the Terrero general store. I took some video of this as well I’ll upload.


This was the weather forecast for Edmond the past week: Highs every day of 104! In the mountains at our campsite, it got down to the 50s and up only to the upper 70s.

The weather for Edmond the week we were in New Mexico! (Our temps ranged from 50 to high 70s)

Good times!

Dad and Alex


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Aragorn from Wichita

We saw this license plate owner today at the Medieval Festival in Norman, Oklahoma. He is losing his plate, however, because Kansas is no longer issuing personalized plates by county. Someone has had Aragorn longer as their Kansas tag and will therefore get to keep it. This fellow will switch to Dunedein. Very cool.

Role Playing Annabeth Chase in St Louis (The Lightning Thief)

Sarah created the following digital story today before school using VoiceThread about the book, “Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.” She role-played Annabeth Chase in a video we shot last Wednesday in St Louis using my iPhone. This is the first VoiceThread we’ve created which includes an embedded video and not just still images. Several of the photos in this VoiceThread were created using the $3 iPhone application Pano. She was required by her teacher to create some type of supplementary “teaser” about the book, which she also wrote about in a traditional book report she’s turning in today at school. All of the photos we used, with the exception of the book cover and movie poster, are included in this Flickr set.

If you’ve seen the movie version of The Lightning Thief, you know the writers changed the plot so Percy, Annabeth and Grover visit Nashville instead of St Louis. Sarah and I were VERY disappointed at this theatrical setting and plot change, since the scene at the St Louis arch was one of our favorites!

I’ve added links to this VoiceThread on both the Great Book Stories project wiki, and the Voicethread4Education wiki in the grades 3-5 category.

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Driving along Scenic K-177 in October

I took the following four, 90 second videos yesterday driving north along K-177 between Cassoday and Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, enroute from Wichita to Manhattan. This national scenic byway is one of my favorite roads in Kansas. The low clouds and lighting in these videos don’t do justice to the autumn colors of the prairie, unfortunately, which are quite spectacular even though the “peak” of the fall colors seemed to have already passed.

I added these videos to my Flickr set, “Manhattan Fall Colors,” which includes lots of amazing images of autumn colors taken later in the day in Manhattan. These include three panoramic photos from the day, which I linked and discussed in my post, “Beautiful Kansas fall colors and more iPhone panoramic picture fun with Pano.”

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Lots of Fun at Fright Night 2009

One of our favorite October traditions here in central Oklahoma is going to “Fright Night” at Frontier City, a theme park located on I-35 in Edmond. Generally we go later in the month, but this year we needed to go early because of travel schedules. As usual we had a great time, especially watching the show, “Dead Man’s Party.” In the third video below, you’ll see Sarah get up on stage and dance as the construction worker in the song “YMCA” by The Village People. We stayed and danced after the 2nd show– we actually saw it three times! This was a lot of fun! It’s also great that when you order your tickets to Frontier City online in October, they are half price. It’s still expensive at $17.50 each, but much less than “normal” price.

Each of these videos is 90 seconds long, which is the maximum length permitted by Flickr. Some of these songs and the acting in the performance was a little scary, but “a little scary” in moderation can be fun and even healthy. It’s definitely a lot of fun to have a chance to dance like this as a family. We don’t get these opportunities very often!

I shot these videos with my iPhone GS. I apologize for the distortion in the audio at some points. The sound was definitely VERY loud where we were sitting!

This visit to “Fright Night” marked the first time both Sarah and Rachel chose to ride a rollercoaster! We actually all rode the “Steel Lasso” three times, and it was a lot of fun. This was the photo of Rachel and Mom on their last ride. Rachel was pretty excited by the experience!

Rachel and Shelly on the Steel Lasso Rollercoaster at Frontier City

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