Fun camping in the Pecos

Here’s a few favorite photos from the images we took this week in the Pecos wilderness area in New Mexico, and I uploaded to Flickr. I have more short videos to upload, along with all the photos from mom’s camera which I don’t have with me this evening. We had a GREAT time!



Panorama at Jack's Creek Campground, Pecos Wilderness, New Mexico

This was the best fish I’d ever eaten in my entire life. You can’t beat freshly caught and cooked trout.



We camped at Terrero Campground, since Holy Ghost campground was closed for bathroom upgrades. This was our tent and campsite early in the week. It REALLY filled up (unfortunately but predictably) for the weekend.


There were hundreds of hummingbirds outside the Terrero general store. I took some video of this as well I’ll upload.


This was the weather forecast for Edmond the past week: Highs every day of 104! In the mountains at our campsite, it got down to the 50s and up only to the upper 70s.

The weather for Edmond the week we were in New Mexico! (Our temps ranged from 50 to high 70s)

Good times!

Dad and Alex


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