More camping photos from the Pecos

I’ve added 46 more photos and 1 more video from our trip last week camping in the Pecos. These were taken using Shelly’s camera, which is Carl’s “old” Sony DSC-H2. What a difference this good lens makes! I added these to the same Flickr set as our other photos and videos from the trip.


Too bad Alexander’s eyes were closed for this one. The kids has so much fun swimming in the stream Saturday!


A few quick photos as we packed up Sunday. Note the whiskers! 🙂



In all I think we caught about 10 fish on the trip. We ate 6. These were some of the best trout I’d ever tasted!


Does this girl look ready for fishing or WHAT?! They even checked out ReelChase to get their fishing essencials.


What lovely flowers!


Sarah took this photo of Shelly and Rachel. Way to go, Sarah!


The video quality on the Sony camera is not as good as the iPhone, but still better than not having video– in this clip, Rachel explains that we are camping and fishing!

Check out the entire set: 120 photos, 7 videos!

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