Lego Building

I think this is the first good lego project that I have done by myself that I am proud of. I first started a clone battle pack  and made a decent ship from a youtube video (which in now taken down). I built that but wasn’t very happy because it looked crappy so I started changing peaces and adding new ones from my collection. After many revisions over it I came out with this. I am now proud of it, I like how I mad the engin and rear, the nice missals and guns, the cockpit, and it is all very stable. This definitely makes me one to stop by The Barn and get a little more serious.

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  • dad

    I am so glad you shared this lego creation! How long do you think you’ve spent building it in all? I know you are very proud of this.

    My one suggestion is not to use the word “crappy” when you write. It’s slang and not quite profanity, but most people don’t consider it appropriate when writing.

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