Auctioning Coins

This last week I had the chance to go to a coin auction. There weren’t that many people there so I get to get pretty good deals on two pennies. They both cost 1$ which is a good deal because one is worth 5$ and the other one is worth 3$. That may sound crazy but they have never been in circulation, in good condition and are both pretty old. Here is a picture.


To here more about me and coin collecting read my post from April 5th.

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  • dad

    It was a lot of fun to attend this meeting together! I was impressed at your auction skills. 🙂

    Maybe we can invite granddaddy to go with us for the next meeting. It will be quite a bit different since I think it will be a regular “program” rather than an auction. Also we need to remember the annual OKC coin show is coming up, I think they said it’s the first weekend in May. It sounds like Rachel wants to go as well. 🙂

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