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I am a coin collector. I have been collecting state quarters for awhile and even started collecting pennies. But when I went to the local coin place I started all over again. I bought The Red Book which has every U.S. coin ever made in it. It has information  about all the rare ones and how much each coin is worth depending on how good condition it is in. I learned where everything is in the book and memorized which dates are rare and which ones I need to look for in my change. Coin collecting is something that you can do for a long time and enjoy it.

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  • dad

    Here is the link to the WikiPedia article for “The Red Book,” AKA “A Guide Book of United States Coins.” Did you know the first version of the book, published in 1946, has brought as much as $1500 in open market trading? I’m glad you’ve found this book as a resource for your coin collecting!

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