Photos from New England: December 2010

I’ve published all the photos from the trip Sarah and I took to New Hampshire and Maine last week to a new Flickr collection.

Collection: New England Dec 2010

I still have more videos to publish, but it’s good to have all the photos online. I’ve found if I don’t share photos fairly soon after a trip, lots of other things get my attention and it’s more challenging to do it later. Lots of GREAT memories were made on this trip. 🙂

CMTC Technology Conference 2010

Wells, Maine

Cathy Wolinsky, Sarah and Alice Barr


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The Best Pork I’ve Ever Tasted

This video is an interview with Dr Brent Benkelman, as he supervised the final preparations of the 120th pig he’s cooked in his life. Brent co-hosts an annual pig roast potluck for friends in Manhattan, Kansas.

See more photos from my Flickr set of this weekend’s festivities, which included the disappointing loss of KSU to Nebraska. It was a great time of family fun, despite the football loss!

Wesley, Sarah and Tom Fryer

Our family at the tailgate

Tom, Sarah and Wesley Fryer

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Impressive Horse Sculptures

It was a treat to see this amazing sculpture exhibit of mustangs today in Las Colinas, Texas.

Mustang Sculpture at Carpenter Square in Las Colinas, Texas

There is a similar sculpture in Oklahoma City down on the river near Bricktown. These are photos I took this summer on the river boat ride.



I’m not sure if the same artist is responsible for both, but they are both VERY impressive sculptures!

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Casebeers and Fryers

What a great looking group of kids and wives this is! This photo was taken in July 2010 in Virginia.


Here’s our crew again, with dads this time, from August 2007 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Have these kids grown or what?!

The Casebeer and Fryer Crew! (2)

Now let’s turn the clock back five years from today, to March 2005 in Monterey, California.

Casebeers and Fryers: March 2005

Casebeers and Fryers: March 2005

Casebeers and Fryers: March 2005

Now let’s go back NINE years, to January 2001 in Colorado Springs!

Casebeers and Fryers: September 2001

I don’t think I can go back further with digital photos unless I scan prints – I know I have a photo before kids… So when I find it in the garage I’ll add it here.

Just two more, and these are of the oldest daughters. First, March 2005:

Sarah and Mara: March 2005

Now, July 2010:


There are few blessings as wondrous as children and good friends. 🙂

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Wild fiddle playing

Earlier this month my daughters and I spent a week in Manhattan, Kansas, and were able to watch part of the Mountain Sprout concert in the park on August 6th. This was some of the wildest fiddle playing I’d ever seen! These are certainly not “family values” themes, but the fiddle playing was extraordinary.

If you ever get a chance to hear these guys play in person, by all means don’t miss it. 🙂

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