Rachel learns to draw new things on Art Snacks

Today Rachel used a video by John Steven Gurney on the Art Snacks learning community to draw a reversible face. This is the “man version:”

Rachel's drawing

Turned upside down, this is the “baby version!”

Turn it over: It's a crying baby!

Rachel recorded an explanation of how she used Art Snacks to learn how to draw this, using iPadio on my iPhone.

Here’s the 2.5 minute video from John in which he shows how to make this drawing!
Find more videos like this on Art Snacks

Thanks to Kevin Honeycutt and many others who continue to make Art Snacks a vibrant community filled with creative artists sharing their work and ideas!

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Origami on YouTube

I have for some reason become interested in origami again. I had not done it in a long time but I suddenly searching for new origami figures to make. The first video I found was on how to make a phoenix.  The phoenix is very hard and very fast. It took me three try’s and three hours to make but is good looking. The first part is so hard he made a second video on how to make the bace. The next video I saw was on how to make a dragon. It is a lot slower and he talks about what he is doing an is in five, three minute parts. I recommend doing the dragon first and if you get it to try the phoenix.

Note: that the origami figures I make are kind of hard and you need to at least be able to make crane.

Sarah’s Bread and Humidity Experiment

Today was the science fair at our local elementary school, and Sarah shared what she learned about humidity and the science of baking bread. I brought my iPhone and interviewed her (using iPadio) at her exhibit in the cafeteria, and took several photos as well.

Chisholm 4th Grade Science Fair - 2010

Chisholm 4th Grade Science Fair - 2010

Adding the yeast

Kneading bread can be messy!

Bread loaves after rising (humid on the right)

Humidity makes bread dough rise less

Bread rising under dry conditions gets bigger!

It took about three minutes to upload this almost-four minute audio podcast to iPadio with my iPhone over 3G from the school cafeteria.

Uploading iPadio

It’s great to have opportunities to talk about what the students have learned as a result of DOING science. I really enjoyed the opportunity to not only visit with Sarah but also several of her classmates about their projects and learning.

Chisholm 4th Grade Science Fair - 2010

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Alexander’s Award Ceremony at Classen SAS today

Alexander received four awards today at Classen SAS in the 6th and 7th grade awards assembly. We were sitting on the second row and I was able to video him receiving his certificates from Mr. Chaffin. He received awards for Beginning Band, Honors Science, Debate, and Social Studies.

Alexander also received a certificate for “Most Promsing Debater!” Congrats Alexander!

Most Promising Debater

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One Rice Thousand Gold: A Remixed Story by Rachel

This is a story Rachel (age 6) typed tonight all by herself on our family netbook. We printed it on our home printer, and then she read it aloud. I recorded her oral reading using the iPadio application on my iPhone, which created this embeddable audio version. Rachel based her story on the Starfall.com Chinese fable, “One Rice Thousand Gold.”

one rise tawsin gold by rachel

one day a little gill wuz waking past the woter fool

tin sheye sol a pot of gold

sheye ran to it but a old womin said one rise tawsin gold

so sheye gave hr a rise and sheye gave hr tawsins of gold

look look look wut i fawn

yes mom yes i did rimier wut i said

non of that yes mom

so i chradide the gold for food yum yum sheye said

wun sheye was waking dawn the shtrete a min said i will give
you food if you gave me some gold

ok so i gave him some gold

i stopt for a momit and said tis is not rite i spinet my manee oh no

i made a bad chose oh wut am i going to do?

i no i will do one rise tawsin gold so i wint war i sol hr and sheye wuz gon

sheye dide

oh no i said hr stuff is still heir i can gist git it so i did it