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I have for some reason become interested in origami again. I had not done it in a long time but I suddenly searching for new origami figures to make. The first video I found was on how to make a phoenix.  The phoenix is very hard and very fast. It took me three try’s and three hours to make but is good looking. The first part is so hard he made a second video on how to make the bace. The next video I saw was on how to make a dragon. It is a lot slower and he talks about what he is doing an is in five, three minute parts. I recommend doing the dragon first and if you get it to try the phoenix.

Note: that the origami figures I make are kind of hard and you need to at least be able to make crane.

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  • dad

    Great job sharing these links! I am glad to see you getting back into Origami. Did you ever make a Maurader’s Map for Naha? (I know that is not really origami like what you’re doing now, but this reminded me of that.)

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