Make Your Own Birthday Card

Recently I was going to a friends birthday party, but didn’t want to buy a card. I usually just make one out of paper and crayons. But I had some spare time so I decided to create a card on the Internet and print it out. I had no clue how I was going to find this sort of site, but with using my best friend Google I found one. I just googled, don’t you just love that word “GOOGLED!” Well as I was saying, I just googled Printable Birthday cards. Lots of different sites popped up. So I had to use process of illemanation, or I went through the sites that looked goo until I found one called I thought it was perfect! So I messed around with the website and found the right background, and the right words to type. I really enjoyed messing around with the website! So now when you are going to a birthday party and don’t want to buy a card or draw one, go on and create one!!