The legend of Mulan

Sister finished a written book report about “China’s Bravest Girl” tonight, which is a book describing the legend of Mulan on which the Disney movie was based. Since mom and I went to China last month, our kids have been very interested to learn more about China and Chinese culture. This was an excellent book, and sister recorded her book report as an enhanced podcast this evening using Garageband. I also tried posting a QuickTime movie version of this to TeacherTube, but the synchronization timing got off in the uploaded version, so I deleted it. I’ve added this as the 12th example in the “Great Book Stories” project.

Nice work sister! If you have feedback for sister on her project you can either leave it here, or on the .Mac podcast page for her report.

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  • I would like to congratulate Sister on her wonderful podcast! I will be teaching an elective on podcasting/vodcasting in the new trimester and I am going to share this with my students. I love that I have found this Blog (I have used blogging with my students in the past and am disappointed to hear that your school does not recognize the benefits!). I hope you mention further projects with iShowU, as well. My head is spinning with the possibilities!

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