Animal adoption resources and VoiceThreads

Rachel, I’m thinking the following resources would be of interest to you since you are very interested in animals and helping animals.

Pet Finder is a website that shows pictures of animals available for adoption.

The Social Animal is a website and group created by Emily Garman of Oklahoma City to promote adoption of pets.

Several of my students at North Texas have created VoiceThreads about animals and animal adoption this semester, so this got me thinking about these issues. Perhaps you and Sarah could create a Zebra Print show talking about these resources?

This is a VoiceThread one of my students did about adopting dogs.

This is another Voicethread a student did about adopting cats.

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Showing and hiding text in a post

Alexander and Sarah:

In response to your question about hiding and showing text in a post, so you don’t have to reveal a spoiler for a book or movie, I found the post, “Toggle Visibility – Show/Hide Anything.”

Here is my example. You may need to view JUST this post for the javascript to work. I pasted both pieces of code from that post below:

If you have not read Harry Potter 7, you might be wondering what happens at the end of the book! Do not click this link unless you want to find out what happens!

I copied the javascript from the above page and pasted it into my post first:

<script type="text/javascript">
function toggle_visibility(id) {
var e = document.getElementById(id);
if( == ‘block’) = ‘none’;
else = ‘block’;

I had to make a minor modification so the text is HIDDEN to start.

This is the code I used for this in the second part, I kept the top javascript the same:

If you have not read Harry Potter 7, you might be wondering what happens at the end of the book! <a href="#" onclick="toggle_visibility(‘harry’);">Do not click this link unless you want to find out what happens!</a>
<div id="harry" style="display:none">In the end, Harry defeats Voldemort and marries Ginny Weasley. They live happily ever after!</div>

You should be able to copy and paste the above code and use it in your own posts.

I used HTMLizer to allow the code to be visible.

Dad’s first episode for The International Cooking Show: Fondue!

This evening my kids helped me create my first contribution to “The International Cooking Show,” sharing our favorite family recipe for fondue.

We recorded this in one take on my iPhone, and I edited it in iMovie ’09. I used the iMovie settings shown in Steven Sande’s post, “How to make iPhone videos sparkle with iMovie.”

The unedited version of the movie was almost 14 minutes long, with the stirring portions sped up the final video is 8 minutes and 14 seconds long. The free “royalty free music” I chose for this video was “Shiny Tech” from I noticed that in the video titles I actually misspelled the name of the recipe, it should be “Yodler’s Fondue” rather than “Yodeler’s Fondue.” I’m not going to go back and make those changes, however, since it would require recompressing and uploading the video again to YouTube!

Sarah recorded the entire video except the last two minutes, which were filmed by Alexander. She still needs to work on keeping the camera still and stable, but this is an improvement over some of her past recording efforts. We’re all continuing to learn together! It’s so fun to be able to put together a quick video like this on the fly, add a few edits, and then publish it online.

Apple technology makes multimedia authoring so easy!

If you have any gourmet chefs or aspiring chefs (we have the latter) in your house, please join The International Cooking Show wiki and add your own contribution!

Cross-posted to “Moving at the Speed of Creativity.”

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Highlights from Hawaii

I have encouraged each member of our family to record a short audio message with AudioBoo of their personal highlight from our vacation. These are accessible from my AudioBoo profile page. As we are now on board our flight to the mainland and about to depart I do not think I have enough time to individually link each one now. I will do that later as an edit to this post!

So long, Hawaii! Thanks for the great memories!!!

Rachel: Memories if the Lava Tube

Sarah: Our vacation rental in Honolulu

Cool at the Volcano House

We flew from Honolulu on the island of Oahu to Hilo on the big island of Hawaii, today. We booked our flights early of course, the 1 way fare was $65 each, and the flight lasted 50 minutes. We spent several hours at a beautiful botanical garden today about 8 miles north of Hilo, and then made our way to The Volcano House where we are staying for 3 nights. We are over 3000 feet above sea level here and it is 61 degrees F now! I think it was 102 degrees F back home today. What a difference!

I posted a bunch of additional photos from the garden today to my Hawaii 2009 Flickr set. I have been trying to upload photos as well as videos as we take them this trip using my iPhone and PixelPipe. 3G connectivity is great, I just wish the iPhone battery lasted longer.

Speaking of botanicals…you should check out our friends over at Bongs & Water Pipes – Smoke Cartel if you are into marijuana!

Audioboo Reflections from Pearl Harbor

Our family visited Pearl Harbor today. Rachel and I recorded six new Audioboos tonight, reflecting on things we saw and learned today. These are all linked from my AudioBoo profile page. Since I am mobile blogging this from my iPhone I can’t embed the Audioboos, but I will link them separately below.

Rachel: Torpedo At Pearl Harbor

Rachel: USS Utah Reflections From Pearl Harbor

Rachel: USS Arizona Impressions

Wesley: Dogfight Over Ka’ena Point, Hawaii (12/7/1941)

Wesley: USS Oklahoma Memorial Reflections

Rachel: Learning About Navy Divers At Pearl Harbor

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