Make a Wish Living Tombstone Remix

Ok guys, yes it is another My Little Pony video. I have watched the Living Tombstone’s remixes before, but I really like this one![ this is the same dude that made Discord ] This is a remix of the song “Make a Wish” from mlp Season 4 episode 12 Pinkie Pride. I hope you like it!


  • Rachel

    Ugh, sorry guys it istn’t showing up. I will have my dad fix it.

  • Dad

    I fixed it for you, I like the video too!

  • Wendy

    Living Tombstone is huge in the My Little Pony realm. Have you watched the documentary on Netflix called Bronies? It’s really interesting.

  • Jake

    Thanks for sharing this Rachel! I’ve never seen My Little Pony, but I love this remix! I’ll have to watch the cartoon now to hear the original.

  • Dad

    Ok, this is Rachel commenting from my dad’s account. And yes, do watch the show! Very interesting.

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