• Nana

    Alex — great editing job — wasn’t easy, I know. Sorry I forgot to mention our geneology research as something I wouldn’t have done without technology. Thanks for asking to interview us for your project! It was good for us to think about these things, too. Consider yourself hugged. 🙂

  • Jan Bucy

    Alex, I know you don’t remember me since the only time we met in person was 10 years ago.

    Your dad’s link on FaceBook led me to your project. I had been interested since reading about it. I am of the same generation as your grandparents, and I believe that computers have made the greatest impact on our generation, probably, since we have had to deal with such a major change in our lives, personally and work-wise.

    It is important for students to understand that we had such a different life before computers, and I think your project helped explain this very well!

  • Alexander, I really enjoyed your interviews with your grandparents. Your questions were well planned and allowed them to share not only how they used technology, but also their feelings about what technology has done for them over the years. Sounds like you have pretty cool grandparents and that you and your dad have helped them to stay current. Keep up the good work with all of your projects.

  • Grandaddy & Grandmother

    Alexander, your grandmother and I really enjoyed your report on technology and how it has changed our lives.

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