Lego Stickers

I love legos, especially minfigures. My friends and I traded good ones for better ones. It was great. Some times I wish I could make my own lego figures, I thought I would make one and put it on a sticker. I tried to make a outline for one but could never get it right. Then while searching google for legos I found this picture:

lego sticker template

It was a picture on flickr that also was in a group called LEGO Stickers and Decals. I found lots that I like and plan on making. I was then compelled to make my own. This is the one I made:

appleIt’s pretty  good and I like it. I also found this guy who prints strait onto a lego brick so you can send in a design to him and he uses special equipment to put it on the lego. The name is CJ Graphics.

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  • Hi Alexander,

    you posted it a while back already, but did you know about our site? We cut precision stickers also for torsos.

    Greetings Johan

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