What Is your favorite Girl Scout Cookie?

I’m doing a survey for math and my survey is on What Is your favorite Girl Scout Cookie. I thought it would be cool if I could see the worlds point of view. The different kinds for my survey are Tagalong; Thin Mint; Trefoil; Samoa; Lemon Creme and Dosidos. I’m a junior Girl Scout. I have been in girl scouting since Kindergarten or a Daisy. If you have any questions about the taste of the cookies or if you have any questions about anything please feel free to leave a comment.


  • Mandy

    I meant to click on Thin Mint, but my browser jumped and marked samoa! Sarah, i hope you will come by the SDE so I can get some cookies from you!

  • Samoas. If anyone tells you different then they have no “taste!”

    Searcy, Arkansas

  • There is only “one type” of GG cookie. Chocolate Covered Mint. All the others are impostors 🙂

  • Not sure I chose the right one (Dosido), but I LOVE the ones with the coconut on them.

  • dad

    I think the coconut ones are Samoas. Those are my favorite! 🙂

    On a technical note, I had to help Sarah embed these into her post using an “iframe” tag, which embedded a simple webpage with the embed codes. I wish there was a simple way to use javascript in WordPress posts.

  • Judi Wolf

    Dear Sara,

    I was just listening to a podcast in the car today where you had been interviewed. I am very impressed with what you have done and like you, I am constantly learning from your Dad. You are a leader!

  • I didn’t know they made anything except samoas. I like to eat a box during my commute home from work (45 minutes). Mmmmm….trans fats….

  • Wildcat

    Like your Dad, Samoas are my favorite – followed by Thin Mints.

    Be sure and get our order this year.

  • Wildcat

    Like your Dad, Samoas are my favorites, followed by Thin Mints.

    Be sure and get our order this year.

  • Is your poll closed? I didn’t see any options to click on anything.

  • Taaz

    Samoas are the best! I am glad they went back to the original names. For awhile they used generic names for the cookies; ie Dosidos were Peanut Butter Sandwiches. This is a great poll, hope it helps…love you!

  • Barbara Dieter

    I was pleased to see that the majority agree with me that the chocolate covered mints are the BEST!

  • jane corich

    Samoas. My daughter is a senior girls Scout and a cookie fiend. She has sold 1000 boxes of cookies for the last 2 years and has been the top seller in Walnut Creek for the last 5 yaers. It’s always #1Thin mints#2 Samoas #3 tagalongs. Good luck on your poll and stay scouting.


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