Sarah responds to President Obama’s speech

Since Sarah’s 4th grade teacher chose NOT to show President Obama’s speech during class today, I (dad) pulled her out of class so we could watch it at home on CSPAN and participate in a live-blog “backchannel” with students in Littleton, Colorado. You can view the archive chat there on their classroom blog, “East Dragon Den.”

This is Sarah’s two-minute recorded response today to President Obama’s speech, posted to YouTube.

In the embed code I’ve chosen to NOT include “related” videos.

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  • Lori Roe

    Good for you, Dad! Nice commentary, Sarah! Thanks for sharing.

  • Great job, Sarah. I posted my comment, too, on your youtube page. I am glad that you were given the chance to hear our President speak. Demoncrat or Republican, we should want students to do well in school, make good choices, and find their talents. It is a shame that some kids like your classmate did not have the chance to hear such a speech. Go ahead and share that with him. Now, have you Dad take you BACK to school! There is lots to learn there! Enjoy your year.

  • Grey

    Thanks for recording student’s response and posting it! Like Lori said, Good for you, Dad!

    Sarah, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I hope many other students share their own like you did.

  • Thank you, Sarah. My grade 4 class was also very impressed with the words of the President. I am going to show them your YouTube comments. We will also be writing in our blogs about this speech.

  • leslie maniotes

    What will you tell the boy next to you about it? He might be curious… I’d be interested to hear what you think would be important to tell him.
    Thanks for sharing your response.

  • Sarah,
    Great job! I can’t wait to see what you and your fellow students come up with!

  • Ms. Cornwall

    Hi Sarah,
    What a great experience you had today! Not only did you get to see a President talk to you and all other students in the US, but now you can also tell your friends about it who didn’t get to see it. I hope you will share with them the great advice President Obama gave to you and encourage your friends to work hard and achieve their goals. You did a great job on your video. Keep up the good work!

  • Larry Anderson


    I’m proud of you for composing your thoughts, then offering them via YouTube for us to hear. You should do more of these “broadcasts” regarding important topics in your life.

    I’m wondering, though. Why do we have to wait for, then memorialize, our president for making such a speech to students (or anyone else, for that matter)? Why couldn’t these same encouragements have been given by your teacher, principal, superintendent, school board president, pastor, mayor, or other dignitary leader in your community?

    Would your reaction to their encouragement have been different than what it seems, via your video, to have been?

    If we read great books and pay attention to notable leaders throughout history, we will find these grand encouragements, in perfect alignment with what you describe the president’s having said, sprinkled throughout. So, it seems that it’s up to us to find that advice, follow that advice, then encourage others to join us in the path.

    I would be curious to learn what you are doing as a result of this presentation by the president. Also, you mentioned the Republicans in your video, so why is political party sufficiently important to you that you would mention it and give that anecdote the “coloring” you did? I’m just curious.

    Again, congratulations on a job so well done! Keep it up, Sarah! I know that, if you do, we’ll hear lots more from you in the future. And, maybe the stories built for your future will emanate from this personal experience and your sharing of that with us.

    Onward, Sarah!

  • Here is a responce message I posted on our WI Technology and Media listserv Wesley.

    Wesley Fryer does an excellent job as a parent and as a national educational technology speaker. He ensures our students and his own children have a voice and interact with the educational content they are presented with each day- especially in a k-12 school setting! Utilizing 21st century skills and tools to video articulate Sarah’s, Wesley’s daughter, understanding of the Presidential speech to the next level- depicts and applies a relevant meaning of the message to her as a real-world context. Yes she is- a 21st digital native learner! Kudos to Sarah!

    Naomi Harm

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  • Jane

    Sarah, I’m glad you saw the speech. You can tell your friends who didn’t see it live that they can watch a tape of it on

  • Wesley, I absolutely love what you did here! Brilliant!

    Sarah, thanks for sharing your thoughts! Keep on thinking…!

  • Thanks for your thoughtful response, Sarah. I’m more hopeful about the future knowing that your generation is thinking about your role and the contributions you will make.

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