Behold, The Snack Leader! (Dad’s lyrics included)

This was a hoot tonight: Rachel and I created a five minute podcast I published on my main blog titled, “Behold the Glory and Honor of the Snack Leader!”

Here is the script I wrote and read for the first three minutes of the podcast.

In the hallowed halls of government, academica, and scientific research institutions, you may have heard of awards such as these:

The Nobel Prize.

The Presidential Medal of Freedom.

The Congressional Medal of Honor.

To a five year old preschool student, however, these awards are nothing compared to the honor, the prestige, and the glory of one hallowed title…

The right to be… the honor to be… for a single day… the one and only


[Star Wars Throne Room Theme music]

Yes, the glorious snackleader!

As the chosen snackleader, it is your duty and privilege to be the unquestioned student leader of the day.

Yours is the privilege to select and bring the snack of the day. The snack everyone in your class will eat. The snack you truly love, and want to share with others.

As the snackleader, YOU are the designated line leader of the day. This means EVERYWHERE the class goes, YOU are the leader. You are the one in front. You are the one all other students look to for guidance and direction. Where YOU go, the class will follow. This is the weighty responsibility, as well as JOY, of the class SNACKLEADER.

The obligations of the Snackleader do not end there, however. For it is to the Snackleader ALONE which falls the privilege of SHOW AND TELL for that day. The Snackleader is permitted, and the Snackleader ONLY, to bring something from home– a prized possession, a work of original art, a family pet, or a favored toy, to show and explain to the ENTIRE class. It is the duty of the SNACKLEADER to uncover the mysteries of this item, to reveal to everyone the meaning and significance which this single object holds in the mind of the Snackleader.

As other children in the class sit quietly and listen to the moving stories of the Snackleader, the spotlight of the educational world falls to this one individual. In the spotlight. On the stage.

Honored and recognized. Hailed and hallowed. Behold her in all her glory: The Snackleader!

Rachel (since she can’t read very much yet) didn’t read a script, she just recorded her section impromptu. It seriously IS a huge thrill for her to be the snack leader in her class starting on Thursday. I think it is great her teachers provide students with this opportunity to be in the spotlight and be able to make so many important choices in their classroom for the day.

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