Videos from the Medieval Festival in Norman

This is absolutely too cute not to share. I think we can title this “Camel Ride Promo Spot.”

Yes, the annual Medieval Festival in Norman, Oklahoma, IS a good time for all. Except, of course, if you’re a teenager who gets into a child’s swing and gets so stuck the Norman Fire Department has to come cut your swing down so you can get out of it!

We did some in-the-field documentation of Rachel and Sarah’s perceptions of our evening in Norman using AudioBoo on my iPhone. These were the first AudioBoos we’ve recorded and uploaded over the EDGE network connection, rather than WiFi. It took a lot longer for the upload, but they DID work! Here are more of Rachel’s thoughts about her camel ride:


Here is Sarah’s recap of the evening’s highlights:


Sarah did pretty well learning from the “sphere play” instructor!

This was, by far, my favorite photo of the day!


We’re heading back tomorrow for more fun and food! 🙂

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