Now is the time to invest

I am not a financial expert, but what I do know tells me now is the time to invest in stocks. As panicked people flee the market, opportunities open for others. My stock recommendation today is Chesapeake Energy.

Natural gas power will be a big part of our energy future in the next 20-30 years, before hydrogen power becomes ubiquitous.

Here is an iPhone screen snap of CHP today.

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  • Jay

    and today its down to $11.93. I was with you, thought things would bounce back quickly. Our ERC (early retirement club comprised of 15 teachers) purchase stock of John Deere as they are headquartered in our town of Moline, IL. As of today, we lost $10 per share and our entire portfolio is about half of what it was worth at the beginning of school. I also agree, natural gas is going to be the way to go.

    At least my hindsight still works.

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