Our 2011 Family Christmas Card

Inspired by Ben Grey‘s December 7th post, “Challenging Seconds,” I’ve opted for a sixty second video this year in lieu of a family Christmas Card. Following the rules outlined by Ben, this is a 60in60 video:

  • 60 images
  • 1 second per image (total of 60 seconds)
  • The video tells a story

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Fryers in Oklahoma City!

Merry Christmas 2011 from the Fryers

Artist: Steven Curtis Chapman

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Sharing Sermon Perceptions Through Art

Rachel is now in the habit of creating illustrations during the sermon each Sunday in church. Here are some of her recent drawings.

Rachel's Art: Temptation

Rachel's Art: Truth or Fiction

This was the drawing she made on Sunday when she took communion for the first time.

Rachel's Art: Communion

Rachel is taking away a lot of ideas from church each week and I think it’s great she’s sharing her perceptions through her art.

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Delicious Prime Rib

Tonight for Christmas dinner we cooked prime rib. It turned out delicious! I probably should have left it in the oven about 10 more minutes. Here is some documentation of how I cooked it in case you’re interested, and for my own later reference.

This was the recipe I used and modified slightly. We bought 4 pounds of prime rib at Whole Foods, which was 2 bone-in ribs/steaks. We were feeding 7 people. This worked out fine, but I would like to have an extra rib next time for the same number of people.

For the seasoning rub (which turned out amazing) I added some Montreal steak seasoning to the four ingredients included in the recipe: coarse sea salt, onion powder, garlic powder, and pepper. I didn’t baste the sides during cooking. For our 4 pound roast, I cooked it 15 min at 425 degrees and then 1 hour, 15 minutes at 325. The meat thermometer read 130 at the end of the cooking time. I covered it with foil and let it rest for 20 minutes after that. As I said it turned out amazing, but since we had several people who like more well done meat it would have been good to leave it in the oven just a touch longer.

I cut it with our electric knife which worked great. To keep the meat hotter before serving, however, next time I’ll try to have all other items ready for our plates before cutting the prime rib.