Animal adoption resources and VoiceThreads

Rachel, I’m thinking the following resources would be of interest to you since you are very interested in animals and helping animals.

Pet Finder is a website that shows pictures of animals available for adoption.

The Social Animal is a website and group created by Emily Garman of Oklahoma City to promote adoption of pets.

Several of my students at North Texas have created VoiceThreads about animals and animal adoption this semester, so this got me thinking about these issues. Perhaps you and Sarah could create a Zebra Print show talking about these resources?

This is a VoiceThread one of my students did about adopting dogs.

This is another Voicethread a student did about adopting cats.

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We didn’t win any Creativity Awards

Award winners for the Creative Oklahoma Student Creativity Contest were announced today. Alexander, Sarah and Rachel didn't win anything in any categories. 🙁


Overall Grand Prize Winner: Brian Andrew Powell, Grade 11,  Teacher- Tillanie Franks, Yukon High School

Grand Prize Winner (7-12): Chandni Raman, Grade 8, Teacher- Jill Willhoite, Oakdale Elementary School

Grand Prize Winner (K-6): Lincoln Hawks, Grade 5, Teacher- Asheley Ransbottom, Northern Hills Elementary

2nd Place Award: Olivia Woolverton, Grade 7, Teacher- Jill Willhoite, Oakdale Elementary School

3rd Place Award: Sharon Thompson, Grade 5, Teacher- Tina Valentine, Angie Debo Elementary

1st Place (9-12): Joseph Horton, Grade 10, Teacher- Tammy Parks, Howe High School

2nd Place (9-12): Brent Hill, Grade 9, Teacher- Tammy Parks, Howe High School

3rd Place (9-12): Katie Redman, Grade 12, Teacher- Trina Jones, Chickasaw Young Artist Studio

1st Place (6-8): Julianne Haney, Grade 7, Teacher- Jill Willhoite, Oakdale Elementary School

2nd Place (6-8): Bennett Cook, Grade 7, Teacher- Jill Willhoite, Oakdale Elementary School

3rd Place (6-8): Angelina Feronti, Grade 8, Teacher- Krystal Hays, Summit Middle School

1st Place (3-5): Tatum Jolly, Grade 4, Teacher- Janet Batson, Springer School

2nd Place (3-5): Elizabeth Choate, Grade 3, Teacher- Stephanie Threet, Konawa Elementary School

3rd Place (3-5): Bryson Deloney, Grade 3, Teacher- Beth Rucker, Will Rogers Elementary

1st Place (K-2): Reginald Self III, Grade K, Teacher- Cindy Jackson, Kennedy Elementary

2nd Place (K-2): Yousef Alrumaizan, Grade K, Teacher- Cindy Jackson, Kennedy Elementary

Yellow Cards

A nice thing that my church does is we have a concept called yellow cards. What you do is you get a yellow card and write either an encouraging word to ….. or write on the prayer chain. Also in the bulletin they have a special section just for the people who need prayer. I write about one yellow card a week.

One of the people that was in the bulletin multiple times was Kent Wilson. He is a very kind man. He used to help my mother in JAM, a program we do at our church for preschoolers. But he injured his back. It all went downhill from there. He got very sick and was not doing well. So every Sunday I would write a yellow card just for Kent.

But sadly Mr. Kent died. I got very emotional, that I kept on crying and crying. But what got me to stop crying was well I just thought well I know that Mr. Kent is in paradise, and I know he’s loving it! A few weeks later at Gathering (a weekly Wednesday night fellowship dinner) Mr. Kent’s wife walked up to me and said, “All of your notes that you sent Kent just touched his heart and my family and I really appreciate that.” That touched my heart. Every time I think about Kent I burst into tears.

Since that happened I write yellow cards constantly. Just for Kent.

Sarah’s GPS British Accent

This is a video of the Children's Sermon on November 14, 2010, at First Presbyterian Church in Edmond, Oklahoma. Linda Birsner shared the message, and 5th graders Josh and Sarah played the roles of the lost motorist and GPS unit. The quality of Sarah's British accent is reflected in the question of at least one older lady who asked the pastor afterwards, "Is that little girl really from England?" 🙂


The Best Pork I’ve Ever Tasted

This video is an interview with Dr Brent Benkelman, as he supervised the final preparations of the 120th pig he’s cooked in his life. Brent co-hosts an annual pig roast potluck for friends in Manhattan, Kansas.

See more photos from my Flickr set of this weekend’s festivities, which included the disappointing loss of KSU to Nebraska. It was a great time of family fun, despite the football loss!

Wesley, Sarah and Tom Fryer

Our family at the tailgate

Tom, Sarah and Wesley Fryer

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Jack O’Lantern Carving Fun

Each fall our family looks forward to carving pumpkins into jack o’lanterns in advance of Halloween. This year we did it pretty early in October, and unfortunately the weather was so warm the jack o’lanterns molded before Halloween! These were our creations this year!


As you can see, lots of fun was had by all.



This was Alexander’s design, which was a stormtrooper from Star Wars. I thought this was a very creative as well as challenging jack o’lantern!


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