Alexander’s First Debate

These are my flows along with Alexander’s of our practice debate round tonight.

Alex has his first debate tournament next weekend in Moore. He hasn’t had a real practice round in class yet, but hopes to do one this week. Tonight he debated his AFF case and I was NEG. The resolution is: RESOLVED – The abuse of illegal drugs ought to be treated as a matter of public health, not criminal justice. If you want to learn about what that means, check out for more info.

Alex did really well, I hope he is well prepared for this weekend’s tournament. Last year when he took intro to debate I was dismayed he never actually got to debate in class or at a tournament, they just learned how to debate by watching and talking about it. They also wrote cases.

I hope Alexander has a good experience in debate. He has done really well in class. I’ll be eager to hear how things go this weekend at the tourney. I’ll be judging there for Classen.

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Impressive Horse Sculptures

It was a treat to see this amazing sculpture exhibit of mustangs today in Las Colinas, Texas.

Mustang Sculpture at Carpenter Square in Las Colinas, Texas

There is a similar sculpture in Oklahoma City down on the river near Bricktown. These are photos I took this summer on the river boat ride.



I’m not sure if the same artist is responsible for both, but they are both VERY impressive sculptures!

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