An iPhone-recorded International Cooking Show Episode

Cross-posted to Moving at the Speed of Creativity, linked from the International Cooking Show project wiki.

Sarah recorded a 6 min, 43 second episode for “The International Cooking Show” tonight and made Black Bean Dip. This is usually served as an appetizer, but we ate this tonight for our dinner.

We need some other participants to make this project truly an “international cooking show” rather than the “Oklahoma cooking show!”

I recorded episode 1 with my Sony GSC-1 Netsharing Cam (flash-based camcorder) in multiple takes. Sarah edited that episode herself with iMovie ’09. We recorded this episode all in one take, using an iPhone 3GS, and uploaded it directly to YouTube with the free application PixelPipe. For some reason the iPhone’s built-in upload to YouTube feature kept timing out, but PixelPipe worked like a charm.

Great work Sarah! Woo hoo! 🙂

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VoiceThread commenting assignment

Alexander, Sarah and Rachel: I want you to each select at least three VoiceThreads from this classroom in Canada (page 1 and page 2) and leave thoughtful feedback / comments for the authors. I don’t want you to just say something like, “That was great.” Really listen to what they said in their presentation, and make some observations or suggestions based on your knowledge of the topic or what you think about after hearing their reports.

Let me know if you need help logging into our VoiceThread account. Alternatively, we can setup VoiceThread accounts for each of you to have independently. Let me know what you want to do.

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Back in school

I’m starting the 4th grade this year. I love my teacher she’s so fun and creative. I can’t wait to see what this week has in store. My favorite subject is social studies. I go to school from 8:30-3:05. We have lunch at 12:20! 12:20 is very late for me because in 3rd grade we ate at 11:40. But the good thing is that now we can bring a snack. Which is a great thing. I’m a morning helper in Mrs. Attebery’s classroom. So that means in the morning I go down to her classroom and help her unstack chairs and help her with any other stuff she needs help with.

A gaggle of AudioBoos from the Oklahoma City Zoo

Today was our last day before school begins for the 2009-2010 academic year here in central Oklahoma. Our family spent several hours visiting the Oklahoma City zoo this morning with friends, and we took turns recording a series of NINE AudioBoo messages as we toured around. This was my first time to visit the zoo with my iPhone GS, which has 3G network connectivity— SO much faster than EDGE for mobile uploads like this! If you’re an iPhone owner and/or user and are not yet familiar with AudioBoo, you should be! AudioBoo offers a wonderful free iPhone application which allows people to take photos, record audio, and publish both online from “the field.” Now if you don’t have an iPhone, you can still create phoneboo recordings! I have more options listed on my wiki page for Geo-Storychasing.

Click on the direct links below to see the accompanying photo and Google Map from our locations, where we recorded each short (less than 2 minute) Audioboo. Enjoy!

Lions at the Oklahoma City Zoo (Rachel)


The cougar has a tail like Pink Panther (Rachel)


The deer’s antlers are in velvet (Rachel)


Mexican wolves on the move (Alexander)


Meet real Oklahoma skunks (Sarah)


Meet the American Bison (Wesley)


Grizzly bears in Oklahoma (Shelly, Sarah and Rachel)


Beavers and otters at the zoo (Wesley)


No swimming: Alligator Pond! (Wesley)


We LOVE AudioBoo!!!

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Alexander quoted in the Boston Globe

Today at the Apple Store in Oklahoma City, I’ve been playing with the new MacBook Pro laptops and using Google’s new “show options” features. Alexander asked me to Google his name, and in doing so we discovered Carolyn Y. Johnson’s March 7, 2007 article for The Boston Globe, “Space for everyone: Social networking websites, once purely teen territory, attract all ages.” Alexander doesn’t remember being quoted for this article, but I do! I gave the reporter his mother’s cell phone number so she could interview him about his use of websites like Club Lego and Imbee. Here’s the quotation of Alexander from the article:

Alexander Fryer is interested in more basic forms of play online. The 9-year-old from Edmond, Okla., began using social-networking websites two years ago, before he could even type, frequenting to build his own virtual projects.

“It’s been exciting because you can see how many people have actually seen what I’ve done,” he said.

Today, the third grader uses, where every child has his or her own penguin and igloo, and has tried out His father, Wesley, said both sites offer a safe social-networking experience in contrast to the MySpace page, which has been criticized for allowing young people to post revealing personal details.

It’s important to monitor and manage our digital footprints online. I don’t think I ever read this article when it was originally published in 2007. It’s amazing to see how much Alexander has continued to learn online (as have his sisters) since that article was written two years ago!

Rachel does some math

Rachel has watched her brother (going into 6th grade) and sister (going into 4th grade) work on their assigned “math packets” from their respective schools this summer. Rachel is about to start kindergarten, and she’s been keen to “do some math” of her own. This is her most recent effort, which is pretty good for a five year old about to turn six next month, who’s just been in preK! She worked out all these problems and answers herself.

Rachel's summer math

Number and letter reversals at her age are very common, so we’re not worried about this right now. It’s great to see her wanting to do math on her own initiative!

Rachel draws a princess

Rachel drew this wonderful picture this afternoon using TuxPaint, a free painting program similar to KidPix which our kids really enjoy. Great work Rachel! She describes this as either “a girl going to the ball or a princess.” Check out the audio recording of her describing this photo below, which we quickly put into a VoiceThread.

Rachel's TuxPaint drawing of a girl going to the ball or a princess