Favorite Halloween Photos

We had a great Halloween party at home this evening with neighbors and friends, and enjoyed the lovely cool (but not cold) fall weather which was perfect for evening trick-or-treating. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the evening.

Brother and his flashlight in the yard after trick-or-treating:
Night silhouette

Mom getting our little witch’s hair ready for the night!

Part of our crew of trick-or-treaters!

The jack-o-latern Trista and I made together:
The pumpkin Trista and I made together

Little sister and her friend visiting with grandparents in Texas over Skype early in the evening, before we left for trick-or-treating:
Videoconferencing over skype with grandparents

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Sisters perform (dance) at football halftime

This week we attended our first Edmond Memorial High School football game on Thursday night. Both sister and little sister went to a Saturday cheerleading camp last weekend, and this week’s home football game halftime show was their opportunity to show what they’d learned. Are these girls cute dancers or WHAT?

Thanks to my flash-based video camcorder and Flickr’s relatively recent capability to support 90 second video flash transcoding and publishing, I was able to immediately publish these videos Thursday night before I went to bed, and the next day grandparents watched them! (I got feedback on the phone Friday.)

It’s the day of “publish at will” video, and here’s a great, constructive example of how these capabilities can be wonderful! 🙂

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Now is the time to invest

I am not a financial expert, but what I do know tells me now is the time to invest in stocks. As panicked people flee the market, opportunities open for others. My stock recommendation today is Chesapeake Energy.

Natural gas power will be a big part of our energy future in the next 20-30 years, before hydrogen power becomes ubiquitous.

Here is an iPhone screen snap of CHP today.