Fred McPherson

These are oral history interviews with Fred McPherson of Itasca, Texas, a dear family friend who was like a grandparent to me (Wes Fryer) and a parent to my mom, Angie Fryer, and uncle, Ron Henley.

This interview with Fred (1 hour, 18 min) was recorded by Tom and Angie Fryer in October of 2005.

In this short (93 second) interview excerpt, shared to SoundCloud, Fred recalls the early days of radio when he was living the “the valley” of south Texas.

That audio clip was shared in the 2013 TEDxOU presentation, “Becoming Your Family’s Digital Witness.” More photos of Fred McPherson are available in these Flickr albums:

  1. Fred McPherson
  2. Fred McPherson funeral
  3. Old Box of Photos
Memorial Bulletin for Fred McPherson” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Wesley Fryer