Angie Fryer – Oral History Interviews

These are oral history interviews with Angelyn H. Fryer (@KansasNana) of Manhattan, Kansas. Angie was born in Shreveport, Louisiana. Additional oral history interviews with members of our family are available.

Interview with Angie Fryer about Being an Educator (January 16, 2016) posted four places:

1. On

2. On the Internet Archive

3. On Amazon S3

4. On YouTube

Powerful and Meaningful Connections from Blogging International Students, MilBloggers, and Others (An interview with Angie Fryer) – March 12, 2007 (Also cross-posted to YouTube)

These additional videos are not oral history interviews with Angie Fryer / mom / Nana, but they are remembrances of her, so I’m adding them as well.

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