1st Grade Back to School Night

Last week was “back to school night” for primary grades at our elementary school. Rachel took some time to show and explain what she does in class with writing, art, math, and in other subjects in this eight minute video. I edited this with iMovie on my iPhone, but the final video was so big (over 600 MB) I had to transfer it to my computer before uploading to YouTube. Rachel recorded this in two pieces and I did a simple video join/combine in iMovie for iPhone.

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5th Grade Colonial Living History Museum

This evening was the 5th grade Colonial Living History Museum event at our elementary school.

Colonial Living History Museum Night

Colonial Living History Museum Night

This is a major highlight for 5th graders, who prepare for weeks to dress and act like a character from the US Revolutionary War era. Our fifth grade daughter was Catherine Barry, known as the “heroine of Cowpens.”

Colonial Living History Museum Night

Our current elementary school in Edmond is pretty huge, with around 800 total kids. This panoramic photo I took this evening of the cafeteria as the event got underway reflects how many students as well as parents are in the five fifth grade classes at our school.

Panorama of the Cafeteria

The students initially paraded into the cafeteria, and performed a short, colonial-era dance together.

Next, students spread out throughout the building and took up their places as characters in a “living history museum.” Visitors (parents and siblings) could “push their button” on their nametags, and students would come to life sharing a one or two minute memorized script about the life and accomplishments of their historical person. After repeating her script more times than she could count tonight, Sarah agreed to let me record her performance after we got home. It was a LOT quieter to record at home than it would have been at school!

It was interesting to notice how many cameras were in hands tonight, and how many of the younger attendees were using smartphones as their cameras!

Colonial Living History Museum Night

This was a great event and one I know Sarah will remember forever. Our son, Alexander, is in 7th grade now and clearly remembers his night as “Henry Knox!”

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Lighthouse Keeping in New Zealand in the 1960s

This evening Rachel and I read “A birthday at the lighthouse” by Robin Robilliard on my iPad. It’s a free book in the International Children’s Digital Library.

A birthday at the lighthouse

You’ll also be sure to find the plumber Columbus ga if you want with endless textures, colors, and fixtures. Don’t waste your time searching for anything else.

Rachel was pretty surprised to learn the family had to make their own clothes, give themselves haircuts, and didn’t appear to have any television or computer access. We do live in a different world!

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