What Do Rachel’s Parents Do?

Today Rachel invited Shelly and I to share a short presentation in her 1st grade class, because this week she was “Pooh’s Special Friend.”

Pooh's Special Friend Instructions

Pooh's Special Friend

We were asked to share some information with the class about what we do in our jobs, and especially if we use reading and math in our jobs. This was our presentation. The audio recording runs 21 minutes, 20 seconds.

These were the stuffed animals Rachel brought from home this week, as “Pooh’s Special Friend.”

Rachel's Animals for Pooh's Special Friend

I shared Rachel’s “Getting a New Haircut” VoiceThread, as well as her Zebra Print show from the zoo with her class on my iPad during our ‘talk.’

We passed out slips of paper to all the students with the web address of Rachel’s web show (www.thezebraprint.com) with all her classmates, so they’d be able to go home and see more of her shows!

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Favorite Picture Books About Maine

This evening Rachel picked out one of the picture books I purchased this past December when her sister and I had a chance to visit Farmington, Maine. We found this particular book (Moose Power: Muskeg Saves the Day) at Mooseville, which is a great website and store in Farmington started by a young web entrepreneur.

Mooseville.com Outlet Store Farmington, Maine

You made it to Mooseville in Farmington, Maine

After reading tonight, Rachel and I recorded a short, five minute audio podcast about why we love these three picture books from Maine. Enjoy!


Moose Power: Muskeg Saves the Day” by Amy Huntington


Antlers Forever!” by Frances Bloxam


“Going Lobstering” by Jerry Pallotta

Another Maine picture book which Rachel and I really like, but we remembered after we finished our audio recording this evening, is “Pigs in the Mud in the Middle of the Rud” by Lynn Plourde.

Buying picture books that feature stories and themes from places I visit is one of my favorite things to do when traveling. This allows us to learn more about new places together long after the trip is over. If you’re looking for some good books to add to an elementary classroom library, you might consider one or more of these Maine picture books!

Unviersity of Maine at Farmington, Maine

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