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An iPhone-recorded International Cooking Show Episode

August 26th, 2009 by Dad · 1 Comment

Cross-posted to Moving at the Speed of Creativity, linked from the International Cooking Show project wiki.

Sarah recorded a 6 min, 43 second episode for “The International Cooking Show” tonight and made Black Bean Dip. This is usually served as an appetizer, but we ate this tonight for our dinner.

We need some other participants to make this project truly an “international cooking show” rather than the “Oklahoma cooking show!”

I recorded episode 1 with my Sony GSC-1 Netsharing Cam (flash-based camcorder) in multiple takes. Sarah edited that episode herself with iMovie ’09. We recorded this episode all in one take, using an iPhone 3GS, and uploaded it directly to YouTube with the free application PixelPipe. For some reason the iPhone’s built-in upload to YouTube feature kept timing out, but PixelPipe worked like a charm.

Great work Sarah! Woo hoo! :-)

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