Bailey’s Close Shave

Rachel worked with her mom to spell the following caption to a picture yesterday, “Bailey and Wes had a close shave.” See the previous post for more context. Sentence construction and writing development continues to be relected on our living room chalkboard and whiteboard!

Music notes by Rachel

Rachel is exploring half notes and quarter notes. I am not sure where her awareness of musical notation came from, I will have to ask her about this. She has been going to “big church” with us more instead of the church nursery, and the hymnals we use might be the source.


4 year old perceptions of E.T.

My 4 year old saw the movie E.T. a few weeks ago, and we recently watched it together again on our DVR. She told me as the movie was starting that she didn’t like the ending part. “It makes my heart hurt, Daddy,” she said.

She has been very concerned for many months about whether things she sees on TV and at the movies are “real.” Not surprisingly, one of her main questions today was, “Is E.T. real?” “What is E.T.?” I tried to explain that E.T. was a pretend character, but I don’t know if there are real alien creatures living on other planets. There might be, but I don’t know.

Her next question was, “Does Jesus know if there are?” “Yes,” I told her, “Jesus knows.” This is some pretty deep thinking for an almost five year old!

We have a small whiteboard on an easel in our living room that we all draw on periodically and leave messages for each other on. This was what Rachel drew today after the movie.


A donation to a mission to Uganda

This is a podcast recording of little sister discussing her experiences in Sunday School learning about Uganda, and making a donation to our church’s mission trip to Uganda. She also shares a prayer for the children of Uganda. She didn’t remember it, but she worked hard cleaning her room and working around the house to donate the money she gave for this mission trip. She gave 80 cents, which was all of the money she had in her own possession at that time.
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